How To make money from home online

Are you searching for how to make money from home online? if yes then you are at the right page. Here in this post i will explain how you can start to make money from home online.

How To make money from home online

Actually there are hundreds of ways to make money from the internet but today i am going to show you the method people are using to make millions.

Now listen

Are you looking for something temporary or permanent?

This method I am telling you here is permanent and you don’t need to depend on someone.

So you can work whenever you want and make money from home.

What you need?

  • A laptop or a computer
  • Internet Access
  • Around $50 to Invest

Now the Follow the steps below

  1. First of all you need to decide in which niche you want to create your website. Most people enter into money making niche but it is very difficult. So you can choose what you love. If you love football then you can enter into this niche.

    In this post I am taking an example of football. But you can decide whatever you love and process will be same.

  2.  Now the second step is to create an account on clickbank. This is biggest marketplace of digital products and you can choose from lot of products and sell them on your website. But before creating website we will open clickbank account and do some research.
  3. Now as account is opened look for products what you can sell to football lovers. I searched for that particular term and found some products.



Now this above screenshots shows that we can create a website about football and pick a product from clickbank and sell that to people visiting our website.

4. Now the next step to is to buy a domain name. Go to and buy a good looking domain name and that domain should represent you niche. For example you can buy domains like or something similar which is available. It will cost you around $0.99 for 1 year.

5. Now you need to buy hosting. You can use bluehost to buy hosting and it will cost less than $3 per month. You can even get domain name for free when you will buy hosting from bluehost.

6. Now you need to install WordPress on your hosting. Bluehost provide 1 click WordPress install. So it is very easy. You can even live chat to bluehost support and get help if you need any.

7. Then start writing about football. You need to build a plan first. I recommend to write 1 article every week but you can write any number of article but keep frequency same. Average article consist of 400-600 words.

8. Before writing any post make sure to do some research and find good keywords. Find what people are searching for and then use google keyword planner tool to find out which keyword have enough searches and less competition.

9. As you are writing content so slowly google will notice your website and people will start visiting your website. Now next step is to convert those visitors into sales.

10. I recommend you to install a WordPress plugin called sumome which is free to install. This plugin can be used to create popup on your website. So when someone will visit then they can enter their email to subscribe.

11. Money is in the list. Now as you are building your list next step is to signup with any autoresponder. A good autoresponder cost around $15 per month. I recommend Getresponse.

12. Now you just need to setup some email on your autoresponder. So when people will signup they will start getting email from you. It depends on you how you talk to your list. So in first email welcome them and tell them what they will receive from you. Focus on providing value. Every time you write a new post send that to your subscribers using email broadcast from autoresponder. Every 10 day you can send 1 email about the product you want to sell. Just pick your link from your clickbank account and send it in the email to all your subscribers.

That is it from me. This is how to make money from home online.