Four Percent Review – Is 4 Percent Group a Scam?

Now a days lot of people talking about Four percent group. People are looking for answers of questions like What is 4 percent group, Is 4 percent group a scam? So I decided to write this four percent review.

four percent review

Four Percent Overview


four percent review

Name – Four Percent                                        

Website –                

Cost – Free + Paid ($49/Month)

Owner – Vick Strizheus


Four Percent Review


What is 4 Percent Group?

Four percent group is a Internet marketing system owns by Vick Strizheus. Vick is a serial Entrepreneur who have earned millions from internet marketing. Inside 4 percent group, Vick has claimed that is the best marketing system of its kind which can help anyone to make at least $5k or more per month.

How Much Four Percent Membership will Cost?

Four percent group is free to join. After joining 4 percent group limited access will be given for free. So that member can see how members area look. Vick focus on providing value. So even free member will get a lot of value.

Other than free membership, there is paid membership which cost $49/month. people can get rid of monthly membership by paying one lifetime payment of $497.

Paid membership will open the gates for people to learn and earn by following the proven method to make money online.

Is 4 Percent Group a Scam?

The answer is definitely big NO.

Actually four percent is the easiest step by step training and marketing system to make money online fastest way possible.

Vick is following the same method from a decade and have made millions. So he knows his stuff.

Off course every business require efforts. But this is not a scam. People can fail if not put enough efforts.

Is it possible to make money from Four percent Group?

Lot of people are making money using 4 percent group. But I decided to try myself and I made money within 2 days. Not much money but it is enough to prove that this system works and the easiest system to follow.

Check out the screenshot below

is four percent group a scam

What is Operation 100k?

This is Vick Strizheus journey where he will start from scratch and make $100k in 90 days. He will show exact step by step what he is doing. Every video will be unedited and members will get the chance to learn what he is doing to make money so quickly. So far no internet marketer have done this type of thing. Vick’s confident shows that he knows his stuff very well.

Is 4% Group Worth Trying?

Well, I think this is the best system online to make money. And you can test drive it for free. This is not a limited time free trial. You can become free member a consume the information provided.

So there is no risk. Try it for free and if you like you can become paid member and start your money making journey.

Four percent Group Reviews



According to me, four percent group is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you want to make money then this is the best opportunity you should join right now. Lot of people have information overloaded in their mind. But they did not find a way to take action.

An imperfect Action is better than No action.

In this four percent review I recommend it fully. I am making money online from last 4-5 years now and I have seen good, bad and ugly.

Operation 100k is a unique approach by Vick Strizheus. Where is showing every step he is taking to make $100k from scratch. I have never seen any only marketer to do these type of stuff to teach other people. Operation 100k access is given for free inside 4 percent group.

So the 4 percent group works and this is my answer to those who are asking Is four percent group a Scam. Take action now. It is free to join.

4 percent

Four percent


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